Mine on Monday – Father’s Day 2012

A Dad is a son’s first hero & a daughter’s first love.

Father’s Day is such a bittersweet day for me since my Daddy is no longer with us. And while I miss him every single day, Father’s Day is one of the days where the pain seems a little more present & the memories flood my mind a little more often. It doesn’t seem fair that he left this world so early, & I never imagined my children would not have their grandpa around for at least part of their lives. But, as Daddy often told me – life is not always fair. So, we hold onto the memories & the photographs, we share our stories, & carry on with the lessons we have been taught. And my Daddy…well, he taught me a lot. He wasn’t a “soccer dad” by any stretch of the imagination, but that did not make him any less of a wonderful father. He was a hard working, honest, loyal man who loved his family with everything in him, & he taught me to be strong, independent, forgiving, accepting, & to love others regardless of how they treated me.

I can still remember his hands – fingernails cracked & stained from his work, weathered & tan from the sun. And how could I ever forget the way he “fistled” – it was not quite a whistle but was a sound that he made as he drove with the windows down or was working around the house. He didn’t listen to the radio much & did not love the new music that was out. Instead, he would come through the house, singing his favorite songs from when he was young. “Good morning, morning…hello sunshine” was always his morning wake up call as he walked through the house. In fact, I use to tell him to not quit his day job, but now I would give anything to hear him sing just one more time.

Daddy always wanted a daughter, & there is no doubt in mind that if they had’ve had a boy, I would not have been an only child! haha. I always was & always will be my Daddy’s little girl.

So, while life is not fair, & I miss my Daddy like crazy, I do cherish all the memories I have in the what seems like too short of a time I had with him. I do know that he would be proud of me today, & he would have loved his grandchildren like crazy! It is because of my Daddy that I knew the kind of man that I wanted as a husband & father. I am grateful that he knew Charlie & loved him as if he were his own son. And while he is no longer here on earth, I believe he is watching over us. I love & miss you, Daddy!


Now, to pay tribute to the other amazing man in my life – Charlie. This is the part that makes Father’s Day so sweet now. Charlie is such a wonderful husband & father. I seriously could not ask for a more perfect partner to walk through this life with or a more sweet & loving father for our children. He is loving, honest, playful, selfless, & works so hard for our family – everything I wished for in a husband & father plus more! I love that he reads bedtime stories to our little girl (although he hates to read aloud) & has ticklefests with our baby boy. He is present at swim lessons & dance classes, when he is able to be, & gives tractor rides to a very excited little girl after mowing the field on a hot day. I am happy to say that he is now a Disney World fanatic & loves that particular family vacation as much as little miss & I do! I cannot imagine life without him in it, & I know that our children will grow up to have sweet memories of their childhood like I do because of all that their Daddy does for our little family. And that makes my heart happy.

Thank you, Charlie, for being such an amazing husband & father. We love you…BIG MUCH!

I should probably have prefaced this to say that little miss didn’t want anything to do with photos yesterday. She was much more interested in playing on her swingset. And well, little man is starting to dodge the camera nowadays. So, no eye contact from him. This is pretty much par for course. Oh & yes, she has no pants on – that is just how we roll around here. haha.

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